Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is anyone (attractive) left for me to swipe right?

I don't remember the last new match I've Tindered with. And just so you know, that's because I don't remember the last guy I swiped right. Like seriously, did I go through all the attractive and even decent looking guys in this frickin huge city already? Does Tinder purposely put the better looking ones to go through first, so you don't immediately lose hope and delete the app? I'm not even kidding. It's been probably at least a week since I've swiped a guy right. And it's not as though I've only been on the app a minute here or there. It's how I spend my time when I'm bored, waiting for something, eating alone, chillin, in the car but not driving (for the most part..), laying down in bed, waiting for someone, sitting down, laying on the couch, standing somewhere, distracting myself from something "more important," keeping my mind stimulated while I'm also doing something pretty boring (I'm pretty ADD), etc. So you get it, right? There have been plenty of chances for me to see someone even slightly attractive. But I haven't. Ugh. Like this is getting ridiculous.

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