Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fuck cuddles.

Some gender stereotypes piss me off. Most I don't really care about and lots I laugh at. But there are a few...actually one in particular on my mind. 
"Girls just love to cuddle and snuggle and be all close and crap while guys just want to have sex and then suffer through the nighttime cuddles."
What the fuck. 
I don't know about you, maybe I've just had bad luck, but in my experiences, guys are definitely the ones who prefer that shit. 
Or maybe I'm not a good girl and I just don't like that shit. 
But either way. Guys are definitely into it. 
Like I'm not about to give any numbers out here or anything, but I've slept with enough guys where I feel comfortable saying that statement and believing it. 
I don't mind falling asleep with an arm around me or spooning or whatever. But that doesn't need to last too long. Definitely not all night. I've tried pushing guys off me (Friends fans: Ross's hug & roll, anyone?) during the night and I've tried to roll away from snuggle monsters until I'm practically falling off the bed. 
Sometimes it keeps me up at night. Not like when I'm sleeping alone and thinking about this life problem, only when I'm in bed with a boy who needs to keep his cutesy touchy feely hands to himself. 
So whatever asshole spread the rumor that girls love to cuddle, in my opinion at least, was probably just some dude trying to hide the fact that he's the real cuddle-lover. 
I only enjoy cuddles with my puppy. 

I'm just a tinder whore who doesn't want to be cuddled. 
^^new tinder prof description? 

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  1. You are amazing I thought I was the only one who felt this way too!