Friday, January 17, 2014

Auto-swipe-left based on pics alone.

These are just a very few reasons for an automatic left-swipe:
Younger than me 
Too old (like 10+ yrs older than me)
Only has selfies (unless wayy hot)
Only has mirror selfies
Has any mirror selfie w flash 
Has any selfie with pouty face (guys, you complain about girls doing that duck face thing, tinder has taught me that guys definitely do it too)
Only has group pics, like I have time to be a detective to find ya?
Bad body
Bad face
Has a kid
Only has one pic 
Looks gay (not that there's anything wrong with that, just not exactly what I'm looking for via tinder)
Appears short
Uses super outdated pics 
Doesn't know how to crop a pic 
Has the same pic like three times 
Has dick pic 
Looks emo
Has selfie while driving and making sideways peace sign 
Ummmm I'm sure there are way more I'll think of later. But that's it for now. And those were only based on the pics, I'll get to the description section no-nos some other time. 
Kbye, hope you dream about tinder. 

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