Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sincere apologies.

I deeply apologize to you guys. I realized I lied in one of my previous posts. I said I'd never been Tinder-blocked. False. I have. It was in my early Tindering days, like right when I first downloaded the app. I was not at all trusting of it or anyone I talked to on it, so I never actually gave my number or met up with anyone throughout these early stages of my Tinder life. Instead. I was basically a bitch. I'd like to think I did it in a sassy or witty way. But that's just plain obnoxious to say about yourself.
I used to "like" someone and then just message them until they were so uncomfortable that they blocked me. And the convo did disappear. Like I would say how the guy reminded me of a male stripper I used to um use. Or I would make them feel really awkward about something they said or asked me about. And I think I may have talked about past sexual experiences going into way too much detail until they couldn't handle it any more. Then they'd block me. And I'd feel like I succeeded. 
This lasted only for a short time. Eventually, like probably the first time I matched with someone way sexy, I took the app more seriously. Thank god. Otherwise this blog would make me come off pretty badly. 
I hope you all accept my apology. 

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