Thursday, January 16, 2014

Feeling philosophical.

Do all guys message girls just asking for hookups? No. I know they don't, because I have multiple friends who have gone on legit dates with their tinder boys.
But no one from Tinder has ever asked me on a date. They just invite me over to "have fun" or something.
I only sometimes go. 
But do I just match with these hookup-minded guys and no datey boys? Or do I give off the vibe that I'm potentially slutty enough to sleep with you without even needing you to buy me dinner first? 
Maybe it's a mix. The hot guys I like (puh-lease, like I would right swipe for someone not attractive...I have standards) who like me back might not be looking for more than a hookup. And I might not be either. But at least offer to but me a drink or something so I can blame it on the alcohol. 
It's whatever though. I'm over it. 
Now I have to get back to Tindering, I'm not at home right now so there may be some newbs in my search radius. 


  1. The invite over to ones place Vs the guy asking you out for a drink. Depends on the guy. If they just want sex, have their own place and couldn't be bothered leaving the house, they'll just ask you over. But if they don't have their own place, they might be more likely to ask you for a drink first, maybe being a little cautious and considerate at the same time. I think it depends on what's on the guys mind and what their living arrangements are. And if they are asking you out as opposed to you asking them.

    1. Guy here. Guys are more romantic, even for casual sex, and a date is a good way to gauge if she's available and safe. If every guy asks for a public date first then you are sending psycho vibes.
      mentality is "she's not going to kill me right after there's evidence of us both on the same place".

  2. If no guy asks you for a relationship, either they are all so out of your league enough to already catch eye that you aren't available, or you aren't relationship material, either because you give off creepy vibes or because you have some other flaw that would impede dating. But there are really hot guys dating criminals, so I'd suspect the first.
    (or you unconsciously push away guys when they are interested in dating.)