Friday, January 31, 2014

More cuddle ranting.

Um I guess I'm posting this a little late but oh well, I don't think anyone was waiting up just to read my blog post of the day. But if there is anyone out there who cares that much about me and my tinderwhore thoughts, much love. 
So I'm thinking more about my post from yesterday. I think cuddling is just one of those topics I can rant and ramble about for too long. 
I don't want to come off like a total jerk here. I've decided I don't mind cuddling that much, but only when appropriate. Like during a movie, I'm down for some cuddles under a blankie. Or anytime I'm cold, you can warm me. As we're laying around or before we fall asleep, that's fine. 
It's just during sleep that pisses me off. Have you seen those bed comforters that say "her side" marked on like 90% of the cover and "his side" on 10%. Because that shit is false. In many cases at least. Like the strong majority of guys I've slept with, I'd say had cuddle lovin issues. They would cuddle me till I couldn't sleep, feeling claustrophobic and hot and gross and squished. I just want to breathe and have space at night, okay? I've not returned guys' calls because they've pressured me to hard to cuddle all night. (Okay that's a lie.. No one calls anymore but that sounded better than "I've ignored texts.." But I guess that's more accurate.) 
So basically, if I suffer through your cuddles all night, you must be doin something right or you must be that attractive, because I definitely don't suffer for just anyone. 
And to those jerks trying to win Tinderellas by writing some lame cheesy line about loving to cuddle, or suffering through sex just to get to snuggle afterward, I say BS. You prob do like to cuddle and just think girls do too. Or maybe most girls do, and I'm just the weird one. In any case, that line definitely won't make this tinder whore swipe right. 

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  1. I wouldnt cuddle some piece of ass and not only cos I hit her slit on Tinder - not only, but thats one reason. Lots of chicks like cuddling and thats cool. I get it youre like a dude and just like fucking hot randoms. I guess that you think youll believe BS if you blog about it enough?