Friday, January 17, 2014

Decoding secret messages.

Who else sees this way too often? 
The first time I saw this screen, I thought something must be wrong with the app. Like there's no way I've Tindered my way (mostly left-swipes) through this huge city I live in, you know?
But then I would make a larger radius. And new people showed up.
But I do still see this screen from time to time and I've come to a new conclusion.
Tinder is trying to tell me something. Well, something other than no new guys are around me and I may spend a little too much of my time Tindering.
I think maybe I need to move. Somewhere new and exciting. So I can get a fresh batch of Tinderos to mostly reject.
I'm not actually gonna move right now.
But I do need to go on more adventures or some shit.

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