Saturday, January 25, 2014

Guys vs girls.

So I know this doesn't apply to everyone. But based on a good majority of guys I know versus girls, they tinder pretty differently. 
A lot of guys (especially the not super hot ones) swipe every girl right, just to see who likes them. Then if they match with some unfortunate looking girl, they'll block her or whatev. But I've talked to a lot of guys who do this, or at some point in their tinder life have done this. I've never heard of girls using this method of swiping all guys right just to see who likes them. But there probably are some girls somewhere who do this. 
I know plenty of guys who don't give a shit really and just say whatever they want if they decide to start a convo with a girl. Or some who maybe have some lame pickup line they use with each girl. And then there are girls. I'd say the majority of girls who I've talked to about tinder say they don't want to ever be the one who initiates the convo. Like really? Stop being such pussies. But don't be stupid either. I know plenty of guys who appreciate when a girl messages first, as long as it's a good message. 
Here's a little advice for both guys and girls who are brave enough to start a convo with a new match: 
- Don't IMMEDIATELY message the match. Like that just shows what little life you have. I'd say maybe give it at least a day. 
- But also don't wait weeks or months to message someone because that person has had more than enough time to talk to you if he/she really wanted to. 
- Be friendly or flirty or whatever you're goin for. 
- Don't be creepy and suggest meeting up right away. And def don't be gross or too explicit with what you want. 
- Don't be boring. If you really don't know what to say, everyone likes compliments. Or maybe say something based on your match's description. But don't be too cheesy and try not to sound like an idiot. 
- I'm sometimes a sarcastic bitch right away in a conversation with a new match, but I don't necessarily recommend this approach to everyone. Unless you're a pro sarcastic bitch. But if you don't know what you're doing, things will likely not end well. You have to be smart about it. 
Well. Those are all my helpful hints at the moment. If someone's hot, don't be afraid to message him/her. 
YOLO, ya know. 
K go tinder and find matches and talk to those sexy matches. 
Bye bitchezz. 

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