Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tinder has only kind of taken over my life.

My friend said she thinks I have a Tinder problem. 
I realized that she's actually maybe probably right. 
So I've decided to work through my problem anonymously via the blogging world. 
Maybe I'll meet others who share this addiction. Maybe I won't - because I could be the only one still obsessed with or even using this app now.  
Maybe I'll make it through this struggle a better person, having learned some valuable life lessons and shit. Maybe I'll just get bored of blogging to potentially no one and I'll just go back to Tindering with sexy randos. 
I'll probably post lots of random Tinder stories and experiences, not using anyone's real name or info. 
K welllll that's my little intro to this thang. 
I'm going to sleep now. 
Nighty night and sweet Tindering xo. 

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