Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pissed off.

Here's some shit that pisses me off on Tinder:
When a guy lies about his age. After we match and he's cute and we're talking, I get the feeling he isn't actually my age, and it turns out he's 19. 
When I get matched with a major hottie who ends up being over five thousand miles away from me. Like, that's not in my search radius, Tinder you idiot. 
When only unfortunate looking guys are showing up for an extended period of time. Sometimes I lose hope that there's anyone decent left in the city. 
When someone I realllllly want to match with doesn't immediately match with me. Maybe he hasn't seen me on his Tinder yet? (This had only happened like twice by the way, and both guys were almost celebs and a bit older, so I wasn't actually that upset)

I'm sure way more pisses me off but I can think right now. I'll go Tinder and maybe think of more to write. 

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