Saturday, January 18, 2014

Edit lists.

You know how you can now categorize your Tinder matches.

For instance...
Group one. "Elite sexies"
Two. "Quite attractive" 
Three. "Decent looks and decent convo"
Four. "Met in real life"
(I wouldn't have an ug group bc why would I right swipe someone ug. And I block the creepers so they don't get a group either.)

Not saying that I categorize my men by looks, but maybe I do. 
I feel like I kinda have different categories of friends in real life too. The just aren't labeled explicitly. Like I have a small group of besties. Then I have a group where I can be more sarcastic and talk about sex and be offensive without offending them. And I have a group of acquaintences that are still okay friends. And then a group of acquaintences I'd wave to or smile at but not much else. And everyone else can go in the obnoxious last category since I can't block people in real life. Sometimes it would be super convenient to have all my friends labeled though, because every now and then I might forget someone's category and next thing you know I say something way too sexual and then they're the ones wishing for a block button. That's only happened a couple times though. I think. 

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